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Combining design and patented technology, a revolutionary concept of dividing roller blinds/partitions preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria in the interior was created.

Fabrics with a special surface treatment can prevent the spread of infectious virus particles and deactivate more than 99% of bacteria and viruses indoors within 2 hours of contact time. The blinds thus significantly reduce the risk of infection and provide design protection for you and your loved ones.

Special telescopic consoles for mounting to the ceiling or ceiling structures in the interior, allow roller blinds to separate open spaces and create work privacy. The fabric also significantly reduces unwanted noise and thus contributes to the creation of a healthy comfort zone.

In combination with the patented ZOOMTECH® technology, the roller blinds can reach up to a width of 5 m on the tube of 5 cm diameter instead of the usual 15 cm, without any bending of the tube, deformation of the fabric and disruption of the interior style.

The blinds are available in two versions - PURE V-PROTECT for smaller dimensions and ZOOMTECH V-PROTECT for large widths with zero V effect.


CONTROL AND MOUNTINGSnimek-obrazovky-(1).png

You can choose from two types of control - motor control (Motor HOME, Motor HOME BID) and chain control, both with a choice of control side. The blinds can be attached either directly to the ceiling or remotely using telescopic consoles, which allow attachment to ceiling structures.

A) DIRECT MOUNTING  - motor control

prima-montaz-mo.PNG prima-montaz.PNG

prima-montaz-mo-2.PNG      prima-montaz-mo-3.PNG

B) DIRECT MOUNTING - chain control 


C) DISTANT MOUNTING - motor control

* When ordering, it is necessary to enter the total height of the console from the ceiling to the axis of the blind.

distancni-montaz-mo3.PNG                 distancni-montaz-mo4.PNGdistancni-montaz-mo5.PNG

D) DISTANT MOUNTING - chain control

* When ordering, it is necessary to enter the total height of the console from the ceiling to the axis of the blind.


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