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In public spaces, medical and social facilities such as homes for the elderly, hospitals, clinics and others, roller blinds and partitions primarily serve to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria indoors, create a safe environment, privacy and reduce noise in the space.

Thanks to a special surface treatment, V-PROTECT blinds and partitions can prevent the spread of infectious virus particles, which stick to the fabric of the blinds due to the flow of air. Within 2 hours of contact time, they inactivate more than 99% of SARS-CoV-2 causing COVID-19. Blinds and partitions significantly reduce the risk of infection and help to create a so-called healthy comfort zone.

The blinds significantly reduce the risk of infection, provide design protection, privacy and reduce unwanted noise in the room. They are suitable for separating open spaces in social and medical facilities.

premium equipment for your clinic

V-PROTECT partitions are used for flexible separation of open spaces without the need for wall mounting and airflow restriction. Special telescopic brackets for mounting to the ceiling or ceiling structures make it possible to elegantly separate open spaces in social and medical facilities by a partition, thus providing clients with enough privacy and peace for quick recovery.

The fabrics are made without harmful heavy metals, such as silver and copper ions, and do not contain any halogens, antimony, plasticizers or harmful dyes.

You can choose from 19 types of fabrics - 14 translucent and 5 transparent, in colour ranging from white fabric shades, through sand and natural, to dark shades that are not subjected to trends and are characterized by their timelessness.
Our collection helps to transfer the feeling of balance, peace and silence to the interior and create a pleasant atmosphere suitable for recharging energy that we need more than ever.


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